By 1991 Adeon Solutions is how we originally began designing logos and custom graphics. We started web designing officially in November 2005 in New York and then moved to South Carolina and incorporated web hosting and changed the company name to AccuHost Pro, LLC in May 2008.

Since then, we’ve also incorporated social media management and business analysis as additional services to better assist our clients. We strive on customer satisfaction and professionalism. In 2018 we also began to incorporate your company’s cyber security needs with our enterprise customer service & project management experience to ensure that your business has complete peace of mind.

Now in 2019, AHP Consulting will advise on how to reduce risk while aligning your needs to be compliant and enable your business to make the right decisions. AHP consultants have over a decade of extensive collective skills set in vulnerability and risk management, penetration testing, and cloud integration from small businesses to global enterprises.